Leadership and Management Training Customized to Local Needs in Africa

Comprehensive leadership training for managers and executives. Customized leadership development programmes

Our training programmes blend the world's most effective leadership and management concepts with the economic opportunities of Africa.

Wherever we deliver programmes, we first seek strong alliances with local leaders. We then work with them to assure that the content of our training it is as relevant as possible to local and regional needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help Africa achieve her global economic potential through exceptional leadership in the public and private sectors.

Our Mission

We equip established and emerging African leaders to transform the economic landscape of their continent based on principles of democracy and a free-market economy. We deliver professional, high-value leadership development programmes built around current best practices worldwide.

Our Core Values

As a values-based company, fully committed to the highest ethical standards, we pursue the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Professionalism
  • Quality products and services
  • Exceeding what we promise

Alliance with USALGA to Train Leaders
in Improved Government Management

Participants in government management workshop for African leaders

SLDI-Africa has teamed with the U.S.-Africa Leadership & Government Academy (USALGA) to train political and community leaders in improved management of government and elections.

USALGA (www.usalga.org) was formed by ex-patriates from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in the U.S. Its purpose is to provide intensive multi-day training programmes which give African leaders a deeper grasp of best practices in good government in thriving democracies.

SLDI-Africa's co-founder, Dr. Mike Armour, teaches classes on vision-casting and strategic planning for USALGA workshops. The initial training sessions were in the U.S. in the Dallas area, where USALGA is headquartered. This gave participants an opportunity to hear from elected officials in local governments and to take field trips to see how local and state governments work in the U.S.

USALGA also offers seminars in Africa, focusing at first on the DRC. USALGA's dream is to extend these experiences incrementally to other nations of Africa.

County Leaders in Kenya Receive
Communication Training

Leaders from Vihaga County, Kenya took part in a three-day training on communication skills taught by SLDI

In addition to leadership and management training, SLDI provides programmes to enhance leadershp communication, such as a workshop we held for 84 officials from Kenya's Vihaga County. The training also touched on a number of other management themes.

Joseph Nyaisa taking notes on participant's comments at a three-day leadership training program in Vihaga County, Kenya

Those in attendance included His Excellence the Governor Mr. A. Karanga, the Deputy Governor, the Minister in Charge, and her Chief Officer.

The primary presenter for the programme was Mr. Joseph Nyaisa (pictured to the left taking notes on participant comments). Mr. Nyaisa is a co-founder of Leadership Development Africa and a principal in SLDI-Africa. In addition to delivering the training, he served as the lead consultant in organizing and structuring the event.

SLDI is actively pursuing other opportunities to provide leadership and management training for county leadership teams throughout Kenya. And several counties are actively exploring such training for their key officials.

Local Government Leaders from Nigeria
Trained in Dallas

Leadership Development Africa co-founder Dr. Mike Armour with officials from Nigeria showing their diplomas at the end of management training in Dallas, Texas.

SLDI welcomes opportunities to host African leadership delegations in the U.S. for specialized training and field trips, as well as networking with American officials and businesses.

Nigerian political leaders were the first to take advantage of this opportunity. Officials from two local governments in Lagos, Nigeria traveled to the U.S. for a three-day workshop on skills essential to effective public sector management. SLDI conducted this programme in Dallas, Texas.

Nigerian flag

Dr. Mike Armour, the founder and president of SLDI, delivered the course content.

Fifteen officials from the Mushin Local Government and the Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government participated. This is the first of a series of trainings for Nigerian officials which are planned for the near future.

Dr. Armour began the seminar with a thorough introduction to government structures in the U.S. Then, over the next three days he emphasized best practices drawn from municipal and county governments in America, while also exploring core qualities of truly great managers.

Business Expos Hosted in Kenya

Shortly after SLDI-Africa launched leadership development programmes, we expanded our offerings to include business expos for local and regional businesses.

The first expo was held in October 2012 on the grounds of the SafariLand Hotel in Kitengela, Kenya. It brought together businesses large and small from throughout Kajiado County.

The event not only gave businesses an opportunity to exhibit their wares and services to the throng of public visitors, but to build new working relationships with other businesses in the area.

Displays at the Kajiado Business Expo conducted by Leadership Development Africa

As an added feature of the expo Dr. Mike Armour, one of the principals in Leadership Development Africa and the president of SLDI, conducted an afternoon leadership workshop. His talked about the importance of strong collaboration between public and private sector leadership in responding to community needs.

In particular he emphasized the importance of business leaders looking for opportunities to take the initiative in improving their communities rather than leaving community-improvement efforts entirely to the government.

The success of this initial workshop led to invitations from other county governments in Kenya to conduct similar events in their locale. By building stronger business communities at the county level, Leadership Development Africa hopes to accelerate Kenya's economic development.

Dr. Mike Armour speaks to a gathering of business and political leaders at the Kajiado Business Expo