Leadership Development Africa
An Initiative of
Strategic Leadership Development International, Inc.

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to provide on-going leadership training that meets needs at every level of business and government.

Knowing that leadership development is an urgent priority for Africa, we believe that it can only be achieved through an extended, sustained programme of training, coaching, and consulting. We therefore view Leadership Development Africa as a long-term venture.

We bring best practices in leadership and management to the economic opportunities of Africa.

We also believe that such training should build on proven wisdom and leadership models, such as the LeaderPerfect® Resources and Solutions which Dr. Mike Armour, the president of Strategic Leadership Development International (SLDI), has developed over a lifetime of research and leadership training.

Whether in workshops, consulting, online courses, or other training venues, SLDI-Africa focuses on promoting the following values, which also guide our own operations:

  • Practicing integrity in every aspect of leadership
  • Consistently maintaining ethical standards and conduct
  • Being known for open and honest communication
  • Building high levels of organisational trust
  • Sustaining high standards of performance
  • Developing the skills and abilities of people as a primary leadership function

The Principals in Leadership Development Africa


As the president of Strategic Leadership Development International, Inc. in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Mike Armour is a coach, mentor, and advisor to top-level executives in dozens of industries, government agencies, and non-profit organisations.

Dr. Mike Armour, the managing principal of Leadership Development Africa

Dr. Armour draws on broad experience as a leader himself, including service as a university dean, a college president, the founder of a highly successful private school, a U.S. Navy captain, a Congressional candidate, the CEO of an international humanitarian organisation, and the chairman of several multi-million dollar fund-raising campaigns.

He is also a successful author in the field of leadership. His books include:

  • Systems-Sensitive Leadership
  • Leadership and Life: Quick Pointers for Success
  • Leadership and the Power of Trust: Creating a High-Trust, Peak-Performance Organization
  • Leadership: Helping Others Succeed
  • No Winner Ever Got There Without a Coach
  • Bushido Business: The Fine Art of the Modern Professional

His LeaderPerfect Newsletter is one of the internet’s oldest leadership newsletters, with subscribers around the world. And others worldwide follow his leadership blog or subscribe to his daily leadership tips distributed via Twitter.

Dr. Armour keynotes internationally on topics related to leadership, ethics, communication, and team-building. For several years he worked with ministries of education in Russian and Ukraine to help them develop character curriculum for their classrooms. As part of this initiative he certified over 500 teachers in week-long training programmes.

Dr. Armour holds degrees from five colleges and universities, including a Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

To learn more about Dr. Armour and his company, see the following web sites:

Leadership Development: Strategic Leadership Development International
Keynote speaking: Keynotes and More®


Joseph Nyaisa, one of the principals in Leadership Development Africa.

Joseph is the founder of Leadership Training Associates International in Kenya and the original moving force behind Leadership Development Africa. A private investor and entrepreneur, he has undertaken extensive personal and professional development training, including "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. He has also extensively participated in Psychology of Vision trainings from UK.

Joseph's business interests rest in leadership and management training, team building, marketing, and events management.

As a principal in Leadership Development Africa, Joseph worked in Rwanda for two years marketing LDA trainings to top leadership executives in both the private and public sectors. He now works across Kenya, where he runs national and county trade fairs and exhibitions, organizes trainings, and delivers workshops on management and leadership themes.

Joseph graduated from the University of Nairobi with a degree in sociology.


Agnes Tsuma, Coordinator of Operations

Agnes coordinates operations for SLDI-Africa in the coastal region of East Africa. She is a PhD student in Business Administration at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Tecnology, where she previously completed an MBA in Finance.

She currently is a senior accountant at the Technical University of Mombassa and has also served as a lecturer in the University. Her teaching assignments have included courses on principles of management, communication skills, and cost accounting.

She has also been published in respected scholarly journals.